Be a J Park Ninja Warrior!

Game show style obstacle challenge, starting from a 5 meter high wall, players will be challenged on balancing skills and physical strength. If you fall into the giant safety airbag, you must get back out and try again. 

Court Rules:
Empty your pockets and tie up your hair
Minimum height 110cm
Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level


Challenge your skills!

This climbing tree has visual traps and obstacles you need to overcame, challenge your skills or hang out at the hammock. The floor is fall prove airbag that can catch anyone safely.

Court Rules:
No pushing or rough play


Jump like Kingkong or climb high walls like a Spiderman!

We have various platform structures where players can test their parkour skill, and climb walls like a Spiderman, also tall posts where you are invited to battle it out with your friends.

Court Rules:
Don’t attempt any activity beyond your skill level
Watch out for others around you


Extreme sport! Anyone?  

Originally a popular water sport, bought to you in a dry indoor setting. Each one jump onto the end of the inflatable tube will bounce the front one off then land on the airbag air cushion. The jumper then move to the front becomes the bouncer.

Court Rules:

Strictly no double jumping
Wait for inflatable padding clear off before jumping
Maximum safety load 100 kg
Minimum Height 110 cm

If sitting at home on your birthday around the same table that you sit at every night isn't really your thing. Come on down to JPARK and make the absolute most out of your special day!